Dynamic space system PartiLine

With the highly flexible PartiLine space system, we offer a solution to the diverse demands of collaborative work and a logical evolution of the System 180 concept. The system, which consists of five independent products – CreativeParti, OpenParti, GardenParti, QuietParti and RemoteParti – is designed for short- and medium-term use of small spaces, for example workshops and events, as well as for the creation of fast-changing environments.

Due to its adaptability, the PartiLine is ideal for supporting modern working methods such as Agile Work, New Work or Design Thinking.

Team Space

With focus on teamwork, the CreativeParti is designed for interaction, development, and prototyping. CreativePartis with portable FlexBoards Pro for writing and pinning support creative processes, while work materials can be stored in them. The mobile, foldable Rack Pod tables and the DT-Line Tables enhance the workspace character, while GardenPartis add feelgood ambience.

Presentation/Event Space

Our standing lectern SpeakerDesk and the individually arrangeable tribune modules SitUp are ideal for arranging creative auditorium situations. The combination of RemoteParti with TV and CreativeParti with integrated pin- and whiteboard surface plus the optional FlexBoard Pro offers room for hybrid and classic presentation methods as well as storage for workshop materials.

Meeting Space

The RemoteParti mobile unit with extensive technical equipment together with the CreativeParti with integrated storage space, practical pin- and whiteboard surfaces plus the optional FlexBoard Pro for visual support are suitable for creating a temporary meeting place for presentations and workshops. The mobile standing table Table System K or the Table System K Workbench in combination with additional pin- and whiteboard surfaces provide the ideal environment for collaborative brainstorming processes.

Work Space

Open space concepts and noisy open-plan offices require intelligent partitioning and a clear arrangement of individual work units. The combination of acoustic-optimising QuietPartis and green GardenPartis, together with variable chair-table combinations (K table system Workbench and the SitRack seating container) add a harmonious structure and vitality to the space.


W/H/D: 149/185/65 cm
Dynamic space system, 2 double doors, 2 magazines, 2 FlexBoard Pro M, 4 back panels, castors Ø 75 mm

Creativity, brainstorming, inspiration – CreativeParti most strongly evokes associations with the sphere of agile working and its methods. With plenty of storage space and shelves for various workshop materials such as Post-Its, pens, Lego bricks, paper, magnets and small boxes, the unit ensures proper organisation and structure. Our optional FlexBoard Pro is a useful extension to the classic whiteboard. The whiteboard and pin surface can easily be taken to another location or integrated into other modules within the System 180 world.

With its felted surface in melange look, the Sonus collection from Camira shows itself to be the ideal textile for use in flexible office landscapes. With 18 selectable colours, the pinable back of the FlexBoard Pro allows optimal use within a holistic interior design.


W/H/D: 149/185/65 cm
Dynamic space system, 4 fibre fleece panels, castors Ø 75 mm

QuietParti is dedicated to the topic of noise reduction and is especially designed for use in open-plan offices, but also in working environments with frequently changing actors. QuietParti contains acoustic elements made of an innovative fiber fleece material. The high sound-absorbing effectiveness of the furniture has been confirmed by the acoustics test center of the Technical University of Berlin. QuietParti can be optionally booked with single or double-sided felt laminations in 18 different colors.

VariantRated sound absorption coefficient according to DIN EN ISO 11654
Object-related sound absorption coefficient
QuietParti0,60 (H)≤ 0,6
QuietParti with felt, laminated on one side0,65 (H)≤ 0,7
QuietParti with felt, laminated on both sides0,65 (H)≤ 0,7

With its felted surface in melange look, the Sonus collection from Camira shows itself to be the ideal textile for use in flexible office landscapes. With 18 selectable colours, the acoustic surfaces allow for optimal use within a holistic interior design.


W/H/D: 149/185/65 cm
Dynamic space system, mount suitable for TVs with 55″ for all supported VESA standards, 2 double doors, 4 cable outlets, 5 m power cable, 3 Schuko plugs, 1 cable suspension, 6 back panels, castors Ø 75 mm. TV not included.

With its focus on presentation in digital as well as analogue meetings or workshops, RemoteParti relies on clever technical management. The unit offers space for a 55 inch TV, which can be covered by two FlexBoard Pro. The five-metre cable for the power supply and multiple power connectors are discreetly integrated in the storage space behind the doors. In addition, the sides are blinded all around to reduce incidence of light from the sides and above.


W/H/D: 149/185/65 cm
Dynamic space system, 8 stainless steel shelves (suitable for plant containers from Element Green®, article: 3000-0597-0199-0145 Basic Rectangle 597 x 199 x 145 mm blank), castors Ø 75 mm. Plant boxes and planting not included.

As a source of oxygen and factor for cosy atmosphere office greenery is becoming increasingly important. GardenParti addresses the issue with a clear commitment to authenticity: all integrated plants are living hydroponics that are easy to maintain and set harmonious accents thanks to the unit’s intelligent design.

The required plant boxes can be purchased through our partner Element Green and inserted into the unit. The eight plant boxes are inserted into the shelves specifically made for this purpose and can, like the planting and its care, be purchased from our network partner Element Green ® (article: 3000-0597-0199-0145 Basic Rectangle 597 x 199 x 145 mm blank)


W/H/D: 149/185/65 cm
Dynamic space system, 2 double doors, 2 back panels, 8 shelves (open top), castors Ø 75 mm

As the name suggests, OpenParti is open for different types of use and is most similar in terms of structure to the classic System 180 with steel frame and shelves. The unit works well as a compact bookshelf or magazine rack. It offers additional space for smaller work materials and a storage area that can be closed off with doors.


For the surfaces, you can choose between eleven plain decors and two wood veneers. Black coloured MDF boards serve as the base material. The edges are thermally smoothed in an innovative process and sealed with wood oil in the visible area.

Brushed or powdered

For the surface finish of the structure elements you can choose between brushed SteelLine or powder-coated BlackLine.