maipr is an internationally operating PR agency based in Berlin. For a customer portfolio from the areas of architecture and design, maipr undertakes communications for all target groups of the added-value chain: for designer and manufacturers, planners and workmen, dealers and purchasers. In addition the agency engages in the maintenance of the ecological balance and a sustainable economic growth.

Project details
Client:mai public relations GmbH
Designer/Planner:Carsten Bohm, System 180
System 180:Planning, production, assembly
  • Table series RackPod

    Foldable table RackPod S on screw feet with storage compartment and Multibox. Standing table RackPod H with casters.

  • Highboard

    Highboards with open and closed modules structure the open plan office to individual work islands for the teams.

  • Lowboard

    Im Besprechungsraum archiviert ein offenes Lowboard Bücher und Magazine und im Einzelbüro der Geschäftsführung herrscht diskrete Abgeschiedenheit.

»Functional. Clear. Durable. And, what was particularly important to us, it has not been seen 1000 times before.«

Matthias Mai
CEO mai public relations