THE VIELD is an Offsite Innovation Space outside of Berlin. The Space is completely geared towards the needs of teams and cooperative work and is therefore unique in concept and location. Based on extensive user research, THE VIELD was designed to be flexible and open and offers various workstations for workshop formats and sleeping facilities for 20 team members. THE VIELD’s goal is to promote and challenge new ways of thinking and working concepts through a new, modern setting.

THE VIELD aims to break out of the old structures and break new ground. In the conceptual and methodical work in the team, previously hidden resources and talents, possibilities and ways open up.

With a broad network of coaches and consultants, as well as years of experience in supporting a wide variety of companies, THE VIELD also offers the opportunity to be accompanied in terms of content and fully comprehensive, even outside the location.

In addition to being used as a team offsite space, THE VIELD is a place where conferences, open workshops, bar camps, hackathons and networking events on the topic of new work will take place. Away from the big city, ideas literally find space here.
The equipment of THE VIELD was exclusively realized in partnerships with high-quality companies.

Project details
Client:TeamedUp UG
Designer/Planner:Louisa Löwenstein and Caspar Schmick
Photos:Clemens Richter
System 180:Shelves, DT-Line tables, DT-Line Whiteboards, SitUps, FlexBoards Pro, ToolRack

“To a special place belongs a special equipment. It was clear to us from the very beginning that System 180, with its simultaneously classic and modern style, would harmonize perfectly with the thoughtful extension of the building. But above all, the functionality was a priority. System180 sets almost traditional standards in the area of team work and at the same time lives a mindset that adapts flexibly to a changing working world. This is noticeable in the way the team works and above all in the products.”

Louisa Löwenstein
Managing Director