At the HPI School of Design Thinking (D-School) in Potsdam almost all fittings are mobile: much moves on castors, everything can be pushed back and forth. This creates flexibility in using the room and also keeps the heads of the lateral thinkers mobile and so effectively supports the search for innovations. The flexible spatial design, multidisciplinary teams and a six-phase are the three most important features of the Design Thinking approach that is successfully taught at Europe’s first innovation school for students.

Project details
Client:HPI School of Design Thinking Potsdam
Designer/Planner:Dirk Uptmoor, System 180
Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, D-School
System 180:Development, prototyping, production
  • DT-Line from System 180 and HPI D-School

    A mobile program of pedestal desks and multifunctional whiteboards provide the ideal creative space for different working situations.

  • Table DT-Line, T4

    The multifunction pedestal, desk and conference table is excellently suited to active team work for up to 6 persons.

  • Whiteboard DT-Line

    The mobile room divider Tafel is a partition, room divider, pin board and projection surface in one to write, pin up and project.

  • Table DT-Line T6

    With its 6 equal sides the multifunctional pedestal, work and conference table is excellently suited for hierarchy-less teamwork with up to 6 people.

»We were looking for a partner with the requisite flexibility and a distinctive design for our furniture. We found both with System 180.«

Prof. Ulrich Weinberg
Director HPI School of Design Thinking