The digital revolution is transforming the world of work. Anyone who expects to keep up with global competition is going to have to create structures and exploit to the full every opportunity for working flexibly and creatively as a team.

In 2016, PLY Atelier Hamburg were awarded a commission to develop a co-working space as part of the Otto Kulturwandel 4.0 (Otto cultural transformation 4.0) initiative on the Otto Campus in Hamburg. On the 1700 m² of what was formerly used a warehouse space, PLY has defined eight different usage scenarios. Each of the zones has its own style, its own individual and inspiring atmosphere and plenty of room for exchanging ideas and engaging in creative work. High-performance information technology and a unique lighting design puts the finishing touch on the overall spatial concept.

Project details
Client:Otto GmbH & Co KG
Designer/Planner:PLY Atelier GmbH
PhotosJulia Maria Max
System 180:Production, assembly

    An impressive presence in the office that can be extended practically without limits, The K-Series workbench provides plenty of elbow room for users and, thanks to the thoughtful design of its cable management features, also offers integrated solutions for the seamless use of communication and presentation technology. PLY Atelier deploys these workbenches in sizes for 8 and 10 employees.
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    Completely mobile and configurable with childish ease. The FlowTable idea was developed by PLY Atelier and implemented in cooperation with System 180. The implementation involved RackPod Series tabletops rolled back on casters to a central sideboard equipped with the required integrated technology. Total flexibility without the cable spaghetti!


    Multifunctional whiteboards are an essential tool in agile teamwork. The large-format whiteboards in the Design Thinking Line® are ideal for recording and documenting the outcome of the team’s work so that it remains available to everyone at all times.
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“It was a large and very exciting challenge to design the Collabor8 system on behalf of OTTO. It provided a hight-quality, aesthetically pleasing and practical initial solution as a contribution to the pioneering project ‘Kulturwandel 4.0’ (‘cultural transformation 4.0’) now being developed by the Otto Group. Referred to by Benjamin Otto as “lighthouse project”, it was certainly one of the most exacting challenges that the interior designers at PLY atelier have yet had to overcome. We’re more than happy with the result, with the fact that it’s being lived and used daily by Otto employees and, last but not least, with the fact that the project won the FRAME award.”

David Einsiedler
Managing Director of PLY atelier GmbH