Modular design – made in Berlin

System 180 – Furnishing develops and produces furniture in Berlin for modern working and living. In close consultation with our customers, we realise design solutions that encourage a culture of teamworking, putting that team culture to the forefront.

Our Design Thinking Line provides our customers with a series of furniture items that are specially designed for the needs of agile teamworking. The K table system and the RackPod range offer table designs for every need – from workbench via conference table to foldable mobile table.

With the highly flexible PartiLine space system, we offer a solution to the diverse demands of collaborative work and a logical evolution of the System 180 concept. The system, which consists of five independent products – CreativeParti, OpenParti, GardenParti, QuietParti and RemoteParti – is designed for short- and medium-term use of small spaces, for example workshops and events, as well as for the creation of fast-changing environments.

Due to its adaptability, the PartiLine is ideal for supporting modern working methods such as Agile Work, New Work or Design Thinking.
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The Design Thinking Line® was developed in cooperation with the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Babelsberg to suit the needs of agile teamworkers.

Tables, boards and storage solutions can be used for a wide range of different functions and can be moved around your space with ease thanks to their easy-roll casters.
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The K table system allows you to create your own customised configuration of large-scale table systems at sitting or standing height.

Our Workbench, Conference and Highdesk ranges provide you with three lines of table for a wide variety of uses.
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With their stainless steel tube structure and the three steps, the SitUp modules are versatile, light and stable at the same time. The combination of linear and angled modules allows a variety of different configurations.

In 2018 SitUp received the Audience Award of the Active Office Award and directly afterwards the award ´Winner´ at the Iconic Award – Innovative Interior.
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Minimalism, flexibility and capacity for use in multiple applications are the identifying features of the RackPod table system.

Thanks to their collapsible frames and lightweight tabletops, these tables are always the first choice where team sizes and room layouts change frequently, and where the minimalist clarity is desired.
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With 7 widths, 6 heights, 7 depths, 13 finishes and lots of practical accessories, you can create your furniture to suit any need using our modular furniture system.

Whether you need storage, room dividers, reception counters or writing desks, the furniture system offers almost limitless design possibilities.
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