Collins is a Hamburg e-commerce start-up and part of the Otto Group, which started in May 2014 with the fashion platforms, and

On over approx. 3000 sqm. our partner PLY developed an open space concept for up to 250 employees for Collins. In addition to the design tasks, PLY also acted as planner. In the largest contract for Hamburger Interior Studios for furnishing, lighting and interior design to date, three very different sections of the building were functionally linked and visually integrated with each other. The concept creates a synthesis of almost living colour, light designs and clear functionality.

Project details
Client:Collins GmbH & Co. KG
Designer/Planner:David Einsiedler, Joke Rasch, Sven Kraus, PLY unestablished furniture
Photos:Julia Maria Max
System 180:Production, assembly
  • Room partition shelf

    Generous storage space with a flexible design. With open and closed modules the shelf provides practical storage space and also serves a room divider for open spaces.

  • Shelf

    A successful synthesis of form and function. The shelf has a practically structured colour-accented design.

  • Room divider-cupboard

    General storage space with a flexible design. With closed and open modules the cupboard provides functional storage room and also serves as a room divider in open areas.

  • Room divider-sideboard

    With a stately length of 6.5 m the sideboard offers ample storage space and also serves as a room divider in open offices.

  • Sideboard

    The sideboard in mid-blue sets a pleasing accent in the room’s otherwise reserved colour concept.

»The storage solutions from System 180 were the first choice both for ourselves and the client as from an aesthetic and practical aspect these could be integrated perfectly in the clear and functional planning of the Collins premises. Through the flexible installation and classic optic the elements could be softly integrated into the monochrome designed open space office.«

David Einsiedler
CEO PLY unestablished furniture