Signature Capital

Signature Capital GmbH is the German subsidiary of Irish real estate investors, Signature Capital, Dublin. The company has experienced consistent growth since opening their Berlin affiliate in 2005. It proved a good decision to opt for a modular furnishing concept using System 180 right from the start.

Their new prestige address on the 18th floor of Berlin’s “Zoofenster”, to which they moved in 2015, provides more than just a spectacular view of the city: it also gives plenty of room to put together a modern, transparent spatial design for the new workspaces. A central access point leads both employees and visitors into two separate reception areas. While the two floor-to-ceiling panorama windows behind visitor reception offer a spectacular view, a free-standing partition behind both counters shields the adjoining meeting area from the view of newly arrived visitors.

Project details
Client:Signature Capital GmbH
Designer/Planner:Carsten Bohm, Sabina Kusheliad
Photos:Clemens Richter
System 180:Planning, production, assembly
  • Reception

    Clearly and logically structured, practical fixtures and fittings are used to turn the reception desk into a highly sophisticated work space. The partitions provide storage space and shield the areas behind them from view.

  • Shelving for files

    Practically endless, clearly structured storage space. The open structure gives the observer an overview and lends order to the space.

  • Sideboard elements

    The sideboard elements used in the open-plan office do more than just provide logical partitions: they can also be used from both sides by employees with the help of a wide variety of useful and stylish accessories.

  • Sideboard RackPod combination

    Office booths created using sideboard elements with RackPods as work desks, provide plenty of work and storage space for employees.

“We were converted to System 180’s design and functionality as early as 2005. Their new surface finishes and accessories have since reinforced our confidence in them.”

Timo Herzberg
Management of Signature Capital