Tables Lunar

The tables of the Lunar series stand in space like landed probes. The tubular pillars protruding from the fuselage form the legs and the supporting structure for the table tops, mirrored horizontally.

With a thickness of only 16 mm, the table surfaces seem to float on the frames. There is no doubt that the table models attract attention and do not go unnoticed.


  • Table Lunar S #65606

    B/H/T: 120/73/120 cm round table top, ø 120 cm, black edge, swivel feet

  • Table Lunar M #57356

    W/H/D: 205/73/97 cm table top, 16 mm, black edge, swivel feet

  • Table Lunar L #57358

    W/H/D: 259/73/97 cm table top, 16 mm, black edge, swivel feet


The expressive frame of the Lunar tables makes them eye-catchers in the room.


The best conditions for modern technology management are provided by the technology boxes embedded in the MDF panels. The black powder-coated technology tray with cable fixing is located in the shaft under the flush cover.

This can be individually equipped with various connections. Optional socket modules and adapters for monitor arms or lights are available.


Device management
• Device box in two sizes
• Flush-fitting cover
• Cable guides
• Trough for technical devices, powder coated in black
• Customisable fittings (safety plugs, HDMI, USB charger or RJ45 connections)


Glass tops and MDF panels with 11 solid decors, 2 real wood veneers and high-quality furniture linoleum are available as table tops.

Brushed or powdered

Choose between the brushed SteelLine or the powder-coated BlackLine for the steel tubing.