Consistently agile – The standing bench of the K table system


For many companies today, agile working is an important option for acting flexibly and proactively and accelerating innovation processes. In direct contrast to this philosophy of mobility is the classic image of a sit-stand workstation, where people usually sit and only occasionally stand. The standing bench of the K table system reinterprets the workplace for agile organisations.

With the raised frame of the standing bench, the table surface is permanently at standing height. This lays the foundation for the majority of standing work. The health benefits of working in a standing position are adequately documented*. Further advantages in the context of agile work are the improved mobility of the employee and the meeting at eye level with colleagues who come to the table for a coordination meeting. And thanks to smooth-running furniture castors, the standing bench can be moved effortlessly around the room so that it is always available where the team needs it.

For longer periods of work, such as computer work, a suitable high chair makes it possible to sit in between. With the optionally available accessories for technology integration, the standing bench can be equipped as a powerful group workstation in desk sharing or for personally assigned workstations.

We and our partners in planning and trade can provide you with detailed information and advice on the wide range of possibilities offered by the K Table System.

* e.g. here:

Active area: Workbench in standing height

Ready for use: device box with cover

Practical: Configurable technique insert