What is the Design Sprint from Google Ventures?


In many agile organizations it is considered the latest fashion: The Design Sprint from Google Ventures.
It promises a process that leads from the idea to the tested prototype in only 5 days.

The most important features of the Design Sprint are:
• a high degree of speed in combination with design thinking elements
• a very concentrated way of working with the help of a stringent moderation
• the five-day duration in a row
As with design thinking, the team should be heterogeneous and interdisciplinary.

Based on the experience that the best work results are achieved when under time pressure major challenges have to be mastered, the Design Sprint inventors around Jake Knapp developed a weekly plan that defines a compact approach from the analysis (Monday) to the collection of solution approaches (Tuesday), the evaluation and selection (Wednesday), the creation of prototypes (Thursday) to the testing (Friday).

The good news for all users of our Design Thinking Line®: Our furniture is also perfect for Design Sprint!

Everything you need to know and many practical checklists can be found in the book “SPRINT, How to test new ideas and solve problems in just five days” (ISBN: 978-3-86881-638-9) or on the website: www.thesprintbook.com