What can a single workplace look like in agile organizations?


What at first sounds like a contradiction is not so far-fetched on closer inspection: Of course, agile work and teamwork cannot be separated from each other. Nevertheless, many members of agile project teams have to carry out activities that require calm, concentration and focus during the course of the day or project work.

Together with the HPI D-School, we have therefore thought about what a FokusSpace for temporary individual work can look like. We have chosen the advantages of standing work and the mobility of the furnishings as a guideline for such a setting.

The result is a configuration grouped around a rollable, compact standing worktable in the form of a prototype. The BridgePro table family offers models in various sizes that can optionally be equipped with smart technology management. The stand-up tables will be available from January 2020.

The little brother of the DT-Line Table T6 is ideal for a discreet 4-eye-talk or a short workshop session. The T6 S offers space for up to 6 people and with the StuffBox equipment option, Post-its and pens are directly visible and within reach.

As a mobile storage solution for the various activities of the agile team player, the ToolRack offers sufficient space.

Due to the uniform height, the objects can be put together and used in any combination.

Compact worktable in standing height: BridgePro S high table, optional with DeviceBox

Mobile meeting island: The DT-Line table T6 S, optionally with StuffBox

Practical helper: The storage container ToolRack S