Frame Award 2018 for collabor8


The digital revolution is transforming the world of work. We are set to need structures in the future that allow teams to work with freedom, flexibility and creativity.

With the collabor8 project, PLY Atelier  Hamburg has created a co-working space for the Otto Group based on precisely these requirements. On an area of 1,700 m², PLY defines eight different usage scenarios, each with its own style, inspirational atmosphere and with plenty of room for exchanging ideas and creative working. The space includes the table systems and whiteboards designed by System 180 among its many features.

For its successful design, collabor8 won the viewing public’s co-working space of the year award at the 2018 edition of the Frame Award 2018. Congratulations, and much future success to the design team!

System 180 – Made in Berlin

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