Meeting Space

Agile working is centred on communication, effective feedback and an iterative development process. Using these modes, teams regularly showcase the interim results of their work in progress and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Such feedback is used as input for the next development iteration. The Meeting Space provides an ideal open arena for an interim look back over one’s shoulder. Here is where the team can discuss individual tasks, alternative solutions or the current state of work with other stakeholders.

Equipping your space with flexible fittings to cater for various different presentation and working modes, and for prototypes, samples and other artefacts, lends your workplace an atmosphere of “work in progress”. A flexible table with its worktop at standing height, and with lightweight, stackable stools and plenty of writing surface, around which come up with, evaluate and prioritise ideas, provide the basic furnishing. The presence of a TV monitor and presentation technologies also allow users to present information and to involve external discussion partners at a distance.

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