Remote Work. Rethink Office.


The once distinct spatial and temporal separation of work and leisure time is increasingly dissolving. More and more people are demanding new contentual motives and flexible possibilities to combine job and private life in a meaningful way.

Today, new digital communication tools offer options to work from anywhere. Workplaces are changing from the classic offices to home office or co-working spaces. This new generation or workers are demanding free choice in their work location, prefering to unfold their laptops in cafés, on the train, on park benches or even in the Bully on the beach. In globally networked project work, communication takes place via telephone conferences. Dedicated work places are not passé, but are adapted in their function and use. Communication requires not only functioning technology but also a suitably furnished room.

Flexibly usable tables offer the possibility to create an ideal working environment at home or in the office for defined periods of time. They can be transformed again and again as part of the designed space during the course of the day depending on the requirements.

System 180 has been dedicated to the development of table systems for different working places for years: our tables, benches and high desks are geared towards the increasingly complex requirements of designers and users. A table is a workplace, meeting table, storage table or a tool for agile working.

Our compact sitting/standing tables of the RackPod and BridgePro series offer you professional furniture for the pleasure of furnishing your workplace: timeless and functional aesthetic, flexible and modular, with many options in design and function.

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