Our folding table series RackPod stands for mobility and flexible activities in the office and in your own four walls. Thanks to their timeless design, the tables, available in two widths, can be easily integrated into existing furnishing concepts. If the function of the room changes, the RackPod can be stowed away to save space until the next use.

Standing and sitting complement each other ergonomically during the day. That is why the RackPod table is available in two different heights. The table series was developed for flexible use in contemporary office environments and at home. Practical accessories, including additional storage compartments or a cable tray for connecting your electronic devices, turn the RackPod into a full-fledged workstation.

Sitting and standing tables RackPod

RackPod folding tables seating height
Model S – W/H/D: 160/75/79 cm
Model L – W/H/D: 180/75/90 cm

RackPod folding tables Standing height
Model H – W/H/D: 160/108/79 cm

Modern working environments are in motion and inflexible furnishings are a hindrance. With the folding tables RackPod we have developed a table programme for sitting and standing height that meets these requirements. Light, functional and with a lot of practical accessories, the RackPod tables are very adaptable and versatile.

And when they are not needed, they can be easily stored in a space-saving manner thanks to the folding frame. The RackPod table models are particularly suitable where reduced design combined with flexibility and mobility is desired.

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Sitting container SitRack

Sitting container SitRack #65731
W/H/D: 41/48/39 cm
2 shelves, pull-out plastic box with organisation insert and lid, castors ø 75 mm

The name says it all. The SitRack sitting containers are a rollable stool and practical storage compartment in one. SitRack is at home wherever mobility and flexibility are required.

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The surfaces are available in 11 unidecors and 2 real wood veneers.

Augmented Reality 3D models

With the Augmented Reality 3D models you can already see your desired furniture in your own rooms. Either scan the QR Code with your mobile phone or click on the corresponding furniture via your mobile browser.*

*Augmented Reality is currently only supported by the following devices: iPhone with iOS 12+


The accessories of the RackPod series are committed to the philosophy of flexibility and simplicity and meet the demands of a digitalized working environment.

Easily retrofittable elements for the management of power and technical accessories as well as functional storage compartments turn the RackPods into full-fledged work islands if desired. The accessories are designed so that they can be attached to and removed from the tables at any time without the need for tools.


Storage compartment
W/H/D: 24/14/35 cm
• for all RackPod models
• rack mountable
• 1 x acrylic pull-out W/H/D: 22/3/34
• 1 x acrylic pull-out W/H/D: 22/9/34 cm
• Storage compartment for left and right
• Sheet metal, black powdered


Cable trough
• for RackPod L: W/H/D: 132/10/12 cm
• for RackPod S + H: W/H/D: 150/10/12 cm
• rack mountable
• Sheet metal, black powdered


W/H/D: 79/12/12 cm
• for RackPod S and H
• Storage space and shelf
• front-mountable
• Space for technical accessories
• Covered by two removable storage trays
• Sheet metal, black powdered

Brushed or powdered

Choose between the brushed SteelLine or the powder-coated BlackLine for the steel tubing.