Modify instead of throw away


One of the most effective ways to protect our environment is to avoid waste. The conservation of finite resources is therefore a top priority for System 180 throughout the entire value-added process. This begins with the choice of high-quality and durable materials, includes low-emission production and ends with packaging that is as recyclable as possible.

However, the most important criteria for the long-term use of our furniture are its timeless design and modular structure. Although our furniture is planned and individually manufactured according to requirements, it can be adapted and converted to changing spatial or functional requirements at any time within the framework of the modular logic of the building system. The subsequent purchase of parts due to adaptations, retrofitting or damage is also ensured within the framework of our in-house production.

With the purchase of a piece of furniture from System 180, you will be pleased from the very beginning about an individual, high-quality and functional piece of furniture and have the certainty that it can remain that way for decades to come.