System 180 – concise and independent


There are many modular furniture systems and some look very similar at first glance. As always, it is worth taking a look at the details, because here you can see the special features and independence of our building system.

The furniture systems comparable with System 180 have in common that their supporting structure consists of visible, bar-shaped elements such as tubes or metal profiles. These structures are then framed by fillings made of metal or wood-based materials. So far so similar.

The big difference lies in the connection of the rods – the so-called knots. This detail characterizes all these systems both formally and functionally.

While all other comparable furniture systems use separate components such as spheres, cubes, stars or the like to connect the rods, System 180 does not require such an element.

The connection of System 180 is based on a completely independent principle. The tubes are flattened and embossed at the ends. The tube ends are laid on top of each other, a screw is inserted and fixed with the nut rod behind it. The final element of each knot is the embossed knob washer, which distributes the force of the screw connection evenly over the connection. The positive locking resulting from the embossing aligns the tubes in their position and provides additional stability.

As said before, a very special principle. And this is precisely the aesthetic speciality and functional versatility of our construction system.