What is the office of the future going to look like? This question is receiving interest from businesses and furniture planners alike. But it is not likely that anyone is going to arrive at a generally applicable answer. A few things seem clear, however: The globalised world of the digital revolution has sped up enormously. To stay successful, companies are being forced to speed up their internal business processes too. Openness, agility and teamwork are the key criteria that people, the architectural profession and the furniture industry are going to have to grapple with.

Our new product design showcase our ideas and suggestions for the office of the future. Whether the space is a lounge, a networking space, an innovation lab, a co-working zone or a single worker’s desk, our offerings involve open, inspirational spaces in which quite different functional areas can achieve a free-flowing interplay between agile teamworking and concentrated individual work.

While developing our furniture, we pay particular attention to the need to ensure that each piece can be sized and fitted out with equipment precisely according to need, and that – thanks to their optional casters – can be moved around the space available with childlike ease. Surface finishes like powder-coated stainless steel tubing and tabletops with high-quality furniture-class linoleum lend every space a comfortable, cosy atmosphere. The construction of our products, with their prominent nodes at points of connection, produces a unique, timeless design with a strong urban feel.

With its current designs, System 180 continues to set itself apart as a developer and manufacturer of furnishing solutions for modern working and living environments, providing a future-oriented alternative to the conventional offerings of other modular furniture systems.

You can find high-resolution pictures of our various working environments for download on our website.
Further motifs are set to follow over the next few days.

We hope you have lots of fun discovering our product ranges and that you are inspired by what you see!

System 180 – Made in Berlin